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Veszprem hope to step up their game as Izvidjac Ljubuski come to visit

Telekom Veszprem - Izvidjac CO

Telekom Veszprem have, with a 33:21 win over Metalurg, managed to stay in the race for top position after the regular part of SEHA Gazprom League’s season. They will however less than a day later in a back-to-back match play Izvidjac Ljubuski. Match is scheduled for Sunday (19.15), reigning champions are clear favorites and will surely look to make fans happy one more time in just two days. This will however still not be their final home match as they will on 13th of February play Tatran to close the SEHA season in Veszprem Arena. 

Xavi Sabate, Telekom Veszprem coach:
We are going to play our second game within 24 hours. We would like to keep on working with our young players, give them chance to play in this one as well and improve. I hope fans will once again be here with us.  

Laszló Nagy, Telekom Veszprem player:
I guess this game on Sunday will be good for both teams. Ljubuski will play against a CL team and we’ll on the other side have another home match in which we’ll be able to work on aspects of the game we still have to improve in. Big challenges are waiting for us so we will surely use this chance to make everything function better.

Zdenko Grbavac, Izvidjac Ljubuski coach:
We are going to Hungary to play a fair game. However, talking about a positive result against Veszprem would be insane. The aim is to play a good match as we’ve played in Ljubuski against the same opponent where we were able to keep close for 45 minutes. We’re not feeling any pressure ahead of this one because result is not a priority.

Marko Ivankovic, Izvidjac Ljubuski goalkeeper:
Coach said everything - we are going to Hungary without many winning  ambitions and I think we will play a good match because we do not have result burden on our shoulders. We will fight, give our best and I believe deliver a good all-around performance.




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