WCh France 2017 RECAP: Slovenians take bronze medal, Cindric leads scorers with 39, Skok finishes with 78 saves


World Championship in France is over. Hosts have, as it was somehow expected, managed to grab gold medal and prove their WCh legacy in an amazing atmosphere in iconic Bercy sports hall, now named Accorhotels Arena, in Paris in front of more than 15,000 fans.

From SEHA Gazprom League's perspective it was a great tournament. Tournament in which we've had 5 SEHA national teams, 47 SEHA players in 9 national teams, two active and multiple former SEHA coaches as well as three refereeing duos ending up responsible for 16 matches combined in total. Tournament in which we've seen all 5 SEHA national teams going through the preliminary round. Tournament in which we've had Slovenia and Croatia in semi-finals but also a tournament in which former PPD Zagreb coach Veselin Vujovic led Slovenia towards their first WCh medal ever with a terrific second-half run to end the bronze-medal match against Croatia.

By that, Macedonian scoring maching Kiril Lazarov ended up taking another scoring title despite of the fact he played only 6 matches in France and on the other side most important Croatian player Domagoj Duvnjak was given an honor being selected in tournament's 'Best 7'.

Speaking of active SEHA Gazprom players, Luka Cindric ended up on top of the scoring list with 39, only 1 more than Gasper Marguc. Zlatko Horvat scored 34, Blaz Janc 30 with trio Mate Lekai, Borut Mackovsek and Darko Cingesar closing the TOP 5 scoring 24 each. Considering goalies, Matevz Skok crushed the competition with 78 saves, Roland Mikler had 60 and would have maybe been a great threat to Skok if he did not play only 6 matches in France. Ivan Stevanovic closes the TOP 3 with 47.

We've in France witnessed yet another proof that SEHA Gazprom League plays a big part in both World and European handball and that SEHA Gazprom fans have a whole lot to be proud of. So stay tuned because SEHA excitement is only a few days away with Vardar and NEXE opening the second part of the season in just 3 days!


SEHA Gazprom League players on WCh in France 2017:


PLAYER                      NATIONAL TEAM      CLUB                  GOALS

Luka Cindric                 Croatia                          Vardar                          39

Gasper Marguc               Slovenia                        Telekom Veszprem         38

Zlatko Horvat                Croatia                          PPD Zagreb                   34

Blaz Janc                       Slovenia                        Celje PL                        30

Mate Lekai                    Hungary                        Telekom Veszprem         24

Borut Mackovsek           Slovenia                        Celje PL                        24

Darko Cingesar              Slovenia                        PPD Zagreb                   24

Stojance Stoilov             Macedonia                     Vardar                          23

Daniil Shishkarev           Russia                           Vardar                          21

Alex Dujshebaev            Spain                            Vardar                          21

Iman Jamali                   Hungary                        Meshkov Brest               19

Siarhei Shylovich          Belarus                          Meshkov Brest               18

Joan Canellas                 Spain                                     Vardar                          18

Andreas Nilsson             Sweden                         Telekom Veszprem         18

Miha Zarabec                 Slovenia                        Celje PL                        17

Pavel Atman                  Russia                           Meshkov Brest               16

Tin Kontrec                   Croatia                          PPD Zagreb                   15

Blaz Blagotinsek            Slovenia                        Telekom Veszprem         15

Andrei Yurynok             Belarus                          Meshkov Brest               14

Dzianis Rutenka             Belarus                          Meshkov Brest               13

Luka Sebetic                  Croatia                          PPD Zagreb                   13

Timur Dibirov               Russia                           Vardar                          11

Stipe Mandalinic            Croatia                          PPD Zagreb                   10

Alexander Dereven         Russia                           Vardar                          10

Gabor Ancsin                 Hungary                        Telekom Veszprem         9

Peter Gulyas                  Hungary                        Telekom Veszprem         6

Filip Taleski                  Macedonia                     Metalurg                       6

Tilen Kodrin                  Slovenia                        Celje PL                        6

Josip Bozic Pavletic        Croatia                          NEXE Nasice                5

Lovro Jotic                    Croatia                          PPD Zagreb                   5

Patrik Ligetvari              Hungary                        Telekom Veszprem         4

Stefan Drogriski             Macedonia                     Metalurg                       4

Laszlo Nagy          Hungary                        Telekom Veszprem         3

Marko Neloski               Macedonia                     Metalurg                       3

Zarko Pesevski               Macedonia                     Metalurg                       3

Vid Poteko                    Slovenia                        Celje PL                        3

Matevz Skok                  Slovenia                        PPD Zagreb                   2

Rogerio Moraes              Brazil                            Vardar                          2

Martin Popovski             Macedonia                     Vardar                          2

David Miklavcic             Slovenia                        PPD Zagreb                   2

Ivan Stevanovic             Croatia                          PPD Zagreb                   1

Roland Mikler                Hungary                        Telekom Veszprem         0

Urban Lesjak                 Slovenia                        Celje PL                        0

Viacheslau Shumak        Belarus                          Meshkov Brest               0

Timuszin Schuch            Hungary                        Telekom Veszprem         0

Velko Markoski             Macedonia                     PPD Zagreb                   0

Ivan Pesic                      Croatia                          Meshkov Brest               0



SEHA Gazprom League goalkeepers on WCh in France 2017:

PLAYER                      NATIONAL TEAM      CLUB                  SAVES

Matevz Skok                  Slovenia                        PPD Zagreb                   78

Roland Mikler                Hungary                        Telekom Veszprem         60

Ivan Stevanovic             Croatia                          PPD Zagreb                   47

Ivan Pesic                      Croatia                          Meshkov Brest               20

Urban Lesjak                 Slovenia                        Celje PL                        15



1. France

2. Norway



5. Spain

6. Qatar

7. Sweden


9. Germany

10. Denmark


12. Russia

13. Egypt

14. Iceland


16. Brazil

17. Poland

18. Argentina

19. Tunisia

20. Saudi Arabia

21. Chile

22. Japan

23. Bahrain

24. Angola