Opening of the second half decides everything as Veszprem edge Gorenje

Začetek drugega polčasa odločil zmagovalca med Veszpremom in Gorenjem

Gorenje Velenje - Telekom Veszprem

Telekom Veszprem have managed to make the form rise and get back on winning track celebrating with 27:31 away against Gorenje Velenje. It was only +2 for guests after first 30 with opening 10 minutes of the second half serving as a breakout point for Hungarians who have in that period managed to enlarge the gap all the way to 6 which has in the end proved to be enough for them to secure the victory in this one. Mikler was once again shining with 14 saves, Gajic added 7 goals as well as Toskic on the other side. Gorenje have with this match finished the first part of the season in SEHA Gazprom League while Veszprem on the other hand still have to travel to Ljubuski to meet Izvidjac in two days and then play Zagreb at home three days later.

Javier Sabate, Telekom Veszprem coach:
Gorenje have today played a god match. We’ve known it will be tougher that three weeks ago in Veszprem with Toskic back in their roster. He is really a complete player with whole lot of experience. They are totally different team with him on the court. However, I also want to congratulate my players as there was not much time for them to rest. Key moment was beginning of the second half when we’ve managed to achieve some steals and score easy goals. I wish Gorenje all the best in the rest of the season.

Gasper Marguc, Telekom Veszprem player:
We’ve played well in the first half but Gorenje have proved they are not a naive team. They can play very quick and score lots of fast break goals. We’ve decided the match in the beginning of the second half making 5-6 goal difference. 

Borut Plaskan, Gorenje Velenje coach:
Veszprem deserved to win this one. I, however, have a feeling we could have done more in this match, especially in opening 10 minutes of the second half. That period was costly. In that period Veszprem’s goalie made some great saves, we’ve lacked focus and they took the advantage. Despite of everything I can say I’m satisfied as we did not give up reaching a good result in the end.

Alem Toskic, Gorenje Velenje player:
We’ve lost the match in the beginning of the second half. However, I feel we did not actually lose anything with this match as it was a good lesson for us.