Meshkov bloom late for 33:25 win over Tatran

Meshkov Brest - Tatran Presov

Meshkov Brest have once again confirmed they are progressing this season beating Tatran Presov with 33-25 in an impressive second half performance. Margin was for from this big after first 30 though with Tatran taking care well of favored Belarusian champions trailing only by 1 (15:14) after the end of the first half. Meshkov’s 5:1 series in the second led by Kristopans proved to be match-deciding today with Meshkov enlarging the gap to a difference which was at the moment too much for Tatran to cope with. Charapenka was in good mood for hosts with 8 saves (42 %9, Kristopans added 6 goals, Stojkovic 5. Igor Chupryna on the other side had 12 saves for Slovak team. Peskov added 8 goals, Rabek 6.

Meshkov have this way managed to strengthen their position and are currently second on league’s table with 26 points while Tatran are far from F4 zone with 10 points.

Rastislav Trtik, Tatran coach:
Today's game was very interesting. Unfortunately we’ve had only 12 players and we’ve played many games in last 19 days. We did not have a right winger on disposal but tonight but were tactically delivering great performance in the first half with Chupryna shining between bars. In the second half it was visible we’re tired and I see that as the main reason for our defeat. 

Igor Chupryna, Tatran goalkeeper:
We’ve played a competitive match for 40 minutes but then we’ve lost strength. We have a young team so I see this as a good lesson. I think we did not play bad.  

Sergey Bebeshko, Meshkov coach:
We should be positive as the team showed good spirit. We’ve already played 22 or 23 matches this season and so did they so we’ve expected them to fall in tempo in the second half.  Regarding Stojkovic, I should say that he will miss two or three weeks at least after today's injury. We have one more very important game against Vardar and will focus on it.

Vitali Charapenka, Meshkov goalkeeper:
We’ve known that the match will not be easy. Meshkov did not play well in the first half but managed to get better in the second.