Veszprem crush Gorenje as Ilic fills the stat sheet

A Veszprém átgázolt a Gorenjén, Ilic-gólzápor

Telekom Veszprem - Gorenje Velenje

Telekom Veszprem have finally prepared a no-stress afternoon for their fans ending a negative CL series by crushing Gorenje Velenje with 36:27 (19:13).

Veszprem's coach Xavi Sabate has today had enough motivated players, eager to help team find the way out of the crisis and when that happens it’s hard to look for a good result against Telekom Veszprem. Momir Ilic was dominating the encounter filling the stat sheet with 10 goals and 6 assists. Marko Kopljar scored 6 goals, Chema handed out 10 dimes with Alilovic and Mikler combining for 15 saves and when such statistic occurs it’s not easy for anyone to cope with Hungarians. Slovenian team led by Borut Plaskan was however ready to run the court with favorites but with small rotation they’ve had today their efforts were quite visibly framed and not enough to endanger Veszprem. Matjaz Brumen was their best individual scoring 6 goals and handing out 5 assists.

Telekom Veszprem are again positioned third with good chances of qualifying for SEHA Gazprom Final 4.

Xavi Sabate, Telekom Veszprem coach:
We’ve played a well match. Our defense was good in the first half, we’ve had a lot of fast-break goals and our attack was good itself. We’ve also made some turnovers and that’s what I can’t say I’m satisfied about but we’re glad about this win as we did not have much time to prepare for it properly after tough face-offs against PSG. Velenje is a really good team and that fact makes the victory even more worthy, but starting from tomorrow we are focusing on the game against Silkeborg.

Dragan Gajic, Telekom Veszprem player:
It was a tough game. It is always hard to prepare for a game after another game, both physically and emotionally within a short time, especially after the defeat. I think we did a good job because Velenje is a great team playing typical Slovenian handball as they are fast and run the court well. They get better and better every day. I think we’ve prepared this very well through video sessions. I am sure we will play an even tougher clash for us in Slovenia. 

Borut Plaskan, Gorenje Velenje coach:
First of all congratulations to Veszprem - they were a better team today. We did not play well in the first half. At the beginning of the second we were better but then we’ve committed a lot of turnovers allowing them to enlarge the gap to 9 in the end. 

Gregor Potocnik, Gorenje Velenje player:  
It is hard to say anything after a match like this. Veszprem is a strong team with 2-3 strong players on each position. We’ve made a lot of technical mistakes making our job here much harder. Congratulations to Veszprém.