Gorenje win on Plaskan’s debut

Zmaga Gorenja ob debiju Plaskana

Gorenje - Izviđač

Borut Plaskan has managed to start his job as Gorenje’s head coach with a victory against Izvidjac from Ljubuski. Final result was 31:24 which might serve as an introduction into a better era for fans in ‘Rdeca dvorana’.
Bosnian champions were able to stay close, even lead in the opening part of the match reaching 8:5 with 15 minutes left to play in the first. Hosts have however managed to turn it upside down with Brumen, Klec and Medved scoring to bring their team back to +2. However, guests were, led by Sarac and Hrstic doing well keeping favored host fully focused throughout the match. In the second half Bosnian champions were not able to keep the tempo running with Gorenje’s reinforcements for the season - Toskić, Brumen and Mitrovic along with Medved deciding the encounter enlarging the gap to 7 just 10 minutes before the buzzer.
Gorenje's goalkeeper Rok Zaponsek has had a fantastic evening with 17 saves, along with Medved and Brumen adding five goals each. Matej Hrstic was the best in guest team’s roster scoring 11 goals.

Borut Plaskan, Gorenje Velenje coach:
That was a good game. We’ve missed some shots in the opening part but good defense later into the encounter has given us a chance to get better in the attacking part of our game. Goalie Zaponsek has also given us a chance to score some easy goals. We’ve played on a high level in the second part but we can play even better. Now we have some time until the next game for hard trainings.

Rok Zaponsek, Gorenje Velenje goalkeeper:
In the beginning our team was nervous, but we did not panic. In end of the first half we’ve managed to catch Izvidac enlarging the gap in the second half. Difficult game.

Zdenko Grbavac, Izvidjac CO coach:
Today was the same story like in our previous games. We play good and then all of the sudden we give opponents possibilities to score easy goals as we are missing shots in attack. We are young but despite of that we have to display better discipline in the game.  

Matej Hrstic, Izvidjac CO player:
We’ve opened the match well realizing we can play against them. However, then we’ve entered a bad period for us allowing hosts to make advantage and finally win the match.