Derby between Vardar and MVM Veszprem without pressure

Дерби без притисок

Vardar - Veszprem

At the end of the regular part of the season in SEHA Gazprom League we will have a chance to see several derbies in a situation when F4 participants are already known. First of derbies will be played in Skopje with two-time champion Vardar hosting reigning champions MVM Veszprem. Both teams have already secured a place among last 14 in Champions League so they will play this match with not so much pressure hopefully putting a show for fans.

This match will probably not change anything on League’s table with Vardar’ chances of catching Veszprem on first place being quite small and Macedonians most certainly finishing second or third in the end. Team from Skopje will in four days travel to Brest to meet Meshkov and MVM Veszprem still have two road matches ahead of them  - against Maks and Tatran where they are unlikely to lose points.

First game between these two teams ended with a 24:24 draw with Vardar being the only team which has so far managed to beat Veszprem in the League which has happened last season. This will be another clash of two strong teams and multiple amazing players.

For this game Vardar have decided to give Arpad Šterbik and Sergey Gorbok some time to rest in order to be better prepared for upcoming challenges. 

Raul Gonzalez, Vardar’ coach:

Veszprem is very good team with top players like Palmarsson or Nagy, they play very good handball and it will be an interesting match between two best placed teams in SEHA Gazprom League. Fortunately for us, after four games in EHF Champions League under big pressure, this time we can be little bit relaxed because despite of the result we are second placed at the table. We have some injured players and tomorrow will play without Šterbik and Gorbok, but we want to use this game as preparation for knock-out games in EHF’ Champions League against Wisla Plock.

Filip Lazarov, Vardar’ player:

The game against Veszprem has no great significance for both teams that will play without big pressure. However, this is a derby match in SEHA Gazprom league game, we will play at our home hall and we will do our best to win. Also we have to be careful and keep our players healthy and prepared which is very important at this stage of the season.

Xavi Sabaté, MVM Veszprém’ coach:

Vardar is a very strong team with a great coach and excellent players. I expect a tough game and I am sure fans will enjoy it. I know that Vardar will give everything for the victory at home because they want to win always just like we do. They have very good goalkeepers supported by a strong defense. Their fast-breaks are really dangerous because of their fast wings. They have good players in every position and their team work is also great.

Gašper Marguč, MVM Veszprém’ player:

I am sure it will be a tough game in Skopje, because Vardar is a very good team. The first clash of these two teams was a draw in Veszprém and I expect a similar and difficult game this time, too. In that game we were slow in the beginning had problems in offense and Vardar were there to punish our mistakes with fast-break goals. Of course, we would like to win so we will try to play faster and bring our best defense. I think if our defense is on the highest level then nobody can beat us.