Veszprem’s record 50 goals (+34), Nilsson’s 11/12, Alilović with 22 saves

A Veszprém 50 gólos rekordja (+34), Nilsson 12/11, Alilovic 22 védés

Veszprem - Maks Strumica

Veszprem have in an unbelievable way taken over the leading position in SEHA Gazprom League with 50:16 (25:10) victory against Maks. It was from the very first moment visible that bad things are about to happen for Strumica with final goal difference being the only question of the match in ‘Veszprem Arena’.

Andreas Nilsson and Gašper Marguč have with series of goals at the beginning of the duel enlarged the gap to huge +10 less than 20 minutes into the match. Mirko Alilović was on the other side remarkable having one of his best nights of the season with 22 saves (58%) and there was simply nothing guests could do in order to avoid a catastrophe.

In the second half coach Sabate has decided to give his bench players some time to show what they can and unfortunately for Macedonians it did not result in slowing the tempo which was for all 60 minutes kept on a too high level for them. Nilsson was unstoppable with 11 goals, Marguč and Ugalde have added 8 both for hosts with Borče Sokolov being the only one in Maks’ roster able to break multiple Hungarian champion’s defense scoring 6.

Vančo Trefandilov, Maks Strumica’ coach:

I’d like to congratulate Veszprem on an amazing match. We’ve come here with a young team and there was not much I could do rotating the squad against one of the best teams in Europe at the moment. This was a big experience for my players and I hope they’ll use it in future. Levov got injured early into the match and he is too important for us to be able to organize our game without him.

Daniel Vasilev, Maks Strumica’ player:

First of all - congrats to Veszprem. I agree with our coach, we are a young, inexperienced team and it was more than visible today.

Xavi Sabate, Veszprem’ coach:

I hope for their player to get well soon first of all. I also have to congratulate to my players after such a match, we’ve showed that we respect each rival, we’ve prepared well, entered the match in a good way and I am satisfied. We’re giving some players which did not play much lately more and more minutes and it makes me happy that they are playing good. We’re also happy about players which have participated on EURO and are now still on a very good level, it proves that they are well prepared and mentally ready. Our supporters were also amazing once again.

Christian Zeitz, Veszprem’ player:

I’m happy to be back on court after a long injury, I’m feeling better and better. I think we’ve needed a match like this, to get used to each other after the European championsip in order to be able to prepare in the best possible way for future challenges.