Vardar with 5 EURO medallists in Banja Luka

Vardar sa pet Euro medalja u Banja Luci

Borac m:tel - Vardar

With EURO in Poland being less than a week behind us Vardar is, with 5 medallists, coming to Banja Luka as regional League's leader. In Vardar's roster there are silver Spaniards Šterbik, Maqueda and Dujshebaev along with two bronze Croats - Karačić and Cindrić. Borac have had much more time to prepare for the duel refreshing the squad with some new names like Dumenčić and Smojver along with Šešić who is coming back from an injury. They will surely do everything to surprise favored host in front of their supporters and they have a reason to hope finishing the first part of the season with three victories. Great test for Vardar.

Boris Dvoršek, Borac m:tel' coach:

Vardar are aiming to win SEHA Gazprom League's crown this season along with Champions League's Final Four and they surely do have a roster to dream about it. We want to play a good match, show fighting spirit and that's exactly what we will do tomorrow.  New players have helped us change our playing style a bit and I hope it will already be visible against Vardar. We want to play faster, modern handball which fans would enjoy. We also have to be good in defense and work on that density. I hope we'll play a match we've agreed on, it would be amazing. Of course, Vardar will also have something to say about it.

Davorin Vujović, Borac m:tel' player:

We're ready to face Vardar. They are a team of big names and they will surely come to Banja Luka feeling a bit tired and that's where we see our chance. We'll use matches against Vardar and Meshkov Brest to catch form for duels against NEXE and Vojvodina in which we'll look to catch some points.

Raul Gonzales, Vardar' coach:

Match in Banja Luka is important for us, first after the national team break. Many of our players were involved in national team action on EURO in Poland and they did not have enough time to prepare and take some rest after it. However, we're league's leaders along with Veszprem and we must show it. Borac are always playing really good in front of their fans but we need points in order to stay on top.

Jorge Maqueda, Vardar' player:

We've finished the first part of the season on top and that's where we're eager to stay. It won't be easy to play in Banja Luka only four days after EURO in which three of us have participated in finals and two more of our players in third place match. It is not easy to lose in finals and it's sure that each one of us desires to catch the winning rhytm again both in Champions League and SEHA Gazprom League.