Nikola Karabatić thinks that France could win the Euro once again

Nikola Karabatić

After a big victory against Croatia yesterday (32:24), French national team are holding the first place in group 1 with six points. Norway is right behind France also with six points but with three played matches, while France played four. 

Nikola Karabatić, French left back believes that France can win their fourth gold at the European Championship. 

See what Karabatić said about his team. 

20.12.Gorenje Vel.:Meshkov Brest37:28
17.12.Nexe:Metalurg Skopje31:31
17.12.Dinamo Pančevo:Gorenje Vel.27:29
16.12.Celje PL:Tatran Presov32:28
16.12.PPD Zagreb:Vojvodina35:25
13.12.Gorenje Vel.:Vardar24:30
Next fixtures
01.02.Meshkov Brest:Vardar19:00h
03.02.Tatran Presov:Vardar18:00h
04.02.Metalurg Skopje:Vojvodina15:00h
04.02.Gorenje Vel.:Nexe20:30h
04.02.Celje PL:PPD Zagreb20:30h
11.02.Dinamo Pančevo:Meshkov Brest13:00h
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