Palmarssons thoughts about upcoming matches


Fourth day of the European Championship is here and it's very unpredictable. Yesterday, Macedonia was close to a tie with Poland but finished the match with 23:24. France took an easy victory over Serbia in group A. 
In group B, Iceland lost against Belarus with 38:39, while Norway won over Croatia having +3 at the end (34:31). 

See Palmarson talk about his expectations in the upcoming matches.

20.09.Nexe:Gorenje Vel.24:24
20.09.Vojvodina:Metalurg Skopje21:19
19.09.Vardar:Tatran Presov32:28
19.09.PPD Zagreb:Celje PL25:25
19.09.Meshkov Brest:Dinamo Pančevo29:26
12.09.Gorenje Vel.:Dinamo Pančevo34:24
Next fixtures
03.10.Meshkov Brest:Nexe18:15h
03.10.Tatran Presov:Dinamo Pančevo19:00h
03.10.Metalurg Skopje:PPD Zagreb20:45h
17.10.Vardar:PPD Zagreb17:30h
17.10.Dinamo Pančevo:Celje PL19:15h
18.10.Vojvodina:Meshkov Brest17:00h
Listed local starting times