EURO in Poland with 35 SEHA players and one coach

EURO 2016

Beginning of 2016 is reserved for national team break. It is the time when Europe’s best will clash on EC in Poland from 15th to 31st of January.

SEHA Gazprom League will on EURO have five of its participant national teams (Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Belarus and Macedonia) along with Montenegro whose status is currently frozen.

As much as 35 SEHA players from 5 clubs will in 10 national teams fight for the trophy along with PPD Zagreb’ coach Veselin Vujović who will lead Slovenia from the bench.

Club which will send most of its players to Poland - 13 of them is Vardar. All these are clear arguments to put SEHA Gazprom League back to back with Europe’s best. Here is the complete list of SEHA’ players in Poland.



13 players in 5 national teams


Dejan Manaskov    Macedonia

Stojanče Stoilov    Macedonia

Filip Lazarov         Macedonia

Jorge Maqueda      Spain

Alex Dujshebaev    Spain

Arpad Šterbik        Spain

Daniil Shishkarev   Russia

Sergei Gorbok       Russia

Timur Dibirov       Russia

Ilija Abutović        Serbia

Mijajlo Marsenić    Serbia

Igor Karačić         Croatia

Luka Cindrić         Croatia



10 players in 6 national teams


Roland Mikler       Hungary

Laszlo Nagy          Hungary

Timuszin Schuch   Hungary    

Gergo Ivanscik     Hungary

Mirko Alilović       Croatia

Ivan Slišković       Croatia

Aron Palmarsson   Iceland

Cristian Ugalde      Spain

Andreas Nilsson    Sweden

Gašper Marguč     Slovenia



5 players and a coach in 3 national teams


Ivan Stevanović    Croatia

Antonio Kovačević         Croatia

Zlatko Horvat        Croatia

Luka Šebetić         Croatia

Velko Markoski     Macedonia

Veselin Vujović     Slovenia



6 players in 2 national teams


Dzmitry Nikulenkau        Belarus

Siarhei Shylovich  Belarus

Maxim Babichev    Belarus

Maksim Baranau    Belarus

Andrey Yurynok    Belarus

Pavel Atman         Russia



1 player in one national team

Miloš Orbović       Serbia

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